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Concealed Carry Holsters, Changing the Game

"At Black Iron Holsters we create the most comfortable and functional concealed carry holsters for extended everyday carry (10+ hours)."


"Do you have an active lifestyle? A daily routine that involves lots of time in the car or combinations of sitting, standing and other constant movements? Does carrying your CCW on the daily become uncomfortable after a few hours? What if i can tell you we have designed our holsters with these types of users specifically in mind. Holsters that remedy these issues without sacrificing functionality Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. We pride ourselves in making customer service a top priority and will do our best to assist you."


At Black Iron, its not just a holster. Our products are hand crafted to ensure the best concealed carry holsters you will ever own. Unlike our competitors, we don't use mass produced templates and holster shells made for multiple models. Instead we craft your individual order by hand taking into account the shape and size of each handgun. This process also allows us to make custom fabrication per request. Unlike most companies where it isn't possible because of mass production.

Ally IWB Holsters

Ally Series Concealed Carry Holsters

The Ally Series of concealed carry holsters and magazine carriers are in a league of their own. Under Armor moisture wicking fabric lines the back of the holster for increased comfort especially during the hot weather months. With the lack of stiff hardware and large plastic top halves,  The molded flexible core of the C-Pak allows extra flexibility for the holster to conform to your body. This unbroken curve reduces printing and creates the perfect fit for everyday carry. Whether you're on the job or just out for the day. this Hybrid style holster was built for a comfortable all day wear. The Ally Series is available in both IWB and Open Carry configurations as well as four color options with matching Cerakoted hardware. These models are light and accessory bearing capable at no extra cost.


IWB Holsters VS Competitors


SS IWB Holsters

SS Series Concealed Carry Holsters

Black Iron's SS Series of concealed carry holsters is created specifically for compact and sub-compact handguns or the wearer who prefers the advantages of a small compact style holster. The slim one piece C-Pak construction requires less hardware and only one point of attachment. SS IWB holsters offer adjustable cant so they can be carried in the appendix position if desired. The SS Series is also available in Open Carry configurations with several different mounting options.

Magazine Carriers Now Available

Our magazine carriers are not just an after thought, we put as much time and work into the design of our magazine carriers as our concealed carry holster lines. They are currently available in double (Ally Series) single (SS Series) carriers are coming soon. The magazine carriers are built out of our C-Pak materials and offer superior comfort. The Ally mag carriers allow the ability to swap your orientation of carry from IWB to OWB by changing out the mounting hardware.

Putting The Comfort in Concealed Carry

C-Pak Padding is our own proprietary laminated material that we use in all of our holsters. This allows us to construct an everyday carry holster that not only provides retention for the gun, but a holster that fits comfortably. This moldable material is not only durable but is also flexible, light weight, and 100% hand washable. The multiple layers provide premium retention & reduced holster wear compared to regular Kydex holsters.

The  C-Pak's multiple layers are comprised of:

  • Under Armor moisture wicking fabric: A lightweight, breathable material which pulls sweat away from the body and regulates body temperature at the same time for a cooler, drier, more comfortable carry (used only on IWB products).
  • Multiple layers of perforated padding for enhanced comfort and breathability
  • Quality Cordura 500 denier fabric
  • Flexible molded Kydex core for secure firearm retention, reduced printing, and added comfort.

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