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  • Civil Defense 9mm Review

    9mm ammo

    Updated 11/31/16

    Liberty Ammunition Review. Does the high speed, light weight copper hollow point make the grade? Find out. We tested the Civil Defense 9mm Ammo using five different guns, shooting at different distances and materials over the past six months. Test Guns used were a Glock 19, Springfield Operator 9mm, Sig P226, M&P Shield, & CZ Scorpion EVO. Each of these guns (with the exception of the EVO), shot roughly 100 rounds.

    First Impressions

    Out of the Box, I have to say these bullets look like a work of art. Very light weight, everything from the casings to the bullet itself were on point. Each cartridge was seated identically, there weren't any odd men out in any of the boxes. I was anxious to give this 50gr copper hollow point rated around 2000fps a go at the range.

    Liberty Ammunition 9mm

    I ended up testing this ammo because I wanted a new carry round for my 9mm Springfield Operator, which is my go to everyday carry gun. Previously I was carrying Speer Gold Dot 9mm+p 124Gr. But I was tempted to try something new because a buddy of mine who had been running them in his Shield said he swore by them. So why not give it a try? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I picked up six boxes when I happened to see them at the local gun store and figured I'd give them a run to see how they do.

    Range Time

    At the range, I was running two factory mags and four Wilson Combat mags in a 9mm Springfield Operator. I previously shot about 500 rounds of Blazer brass prior to the Civil Defense so the gun was a little bit dirty. I went through the first magazine flawlessly. You could definitely tell that it was 9mm +P ammo. I hand it to Liberty though, the recoil especially when shooting 9mm 5" 1911 is a dream. Follow up shots at 15 yards were a breeze.

    At about the fifth round on the second factory magazine, I had a failure to feed. So I took the magazine out and dropped the round out and examined it. The tip of the bullet on the bottom side was dented in about 1/16". The round had caught the feed ramp of the barrel placing a small dent on the nose. The bullet deformation resulted from the material on the outside of the cavity for expansion being fairly thin. This a good thing for expansion a bad thing for a firearm malfunction. The cause of this is likely due to the bullet being seated high due to the amount of powder in the round putting it closer to the feed ramp on the barrel. So I sat this round aside and the next round did the same thing.

    Dirt Does Hurt

    So I took the gun apart and gave it a quick rub down and cleaned the barrel, there was some considerable build up on the feed ramp. After having the gun assembled, the ammunition cycled flawlessly in both the factory and Wilson Combat Magazines.

    I ran 100 rounds of the Civil Defense 9mm ammo with only two failures to feed, which I can attribute to the gun being dirty. I believe that would be a problem with any ammo that is seated that high in the casing. "So Note to self make sure the gun is cleaned to some aspect before running +P ammo in it."

    Initial Feedback on Civil Defense 9mm ammo

    Initially i have to say the feedback I had about the 9mm civil defense ammo is that it performs like it says on the website. I would say that it is an effective mid range cartridge out to 50 yards. I had to hold over about an inch out to there and had 3.5" groupings.  Everything inside 15 yards was 2" and that was running through the entire magazine with follow up shots about a second apart. The recoil was great with the Operator, allowing quick follow up shots. As far as penetration, the 9mm copper hollow point had no problem zipping through a 4" treated wood post and 1/8" steel at 15 yards. I decided to do a little more research online as far as the penetration was concerned. I came across this video from the Military Arms Channel. It shows the Liberty Civil Defense 9mm ammo defeating Spartan Armor System threat level IIIA body armor. Penetration and full expansion, thats rather impressive.

    Further Testing

    After my initial impressions and seeing a video showing the Liberty ammo going through level IIIA kevlar body armor using a CZ Scorpion Evo, I wanted to see how it would run in the Evo. So I got about 200 rounds and went to the range. To my disappointment, the ammo would not cycle reliably. I cleaned the gun, lubed it, still no go. The only thing I could figure was that it is a magazine issue. Being a double stack 30 round 9mm, the first round feeds from the right which lines up great, the second round feeds from the left a little bit and it catches the outer edge of the inside of the barrel every time.

    So running it in an EVO is a no go for now. It is something I plan on revisiting at some point and see if there might be another issue or a possibility of that lot of ammo being off. "This is why you test new systems out before you let your life depend on them." 


    I'll admit the issue with the CZ Scorpion was a disappointment. Given that, I was curious to see if it was an issue with double stack magazines. So I took the ammo I got for the Evo and decided to run it through the Glock 19. I shot a total of 100 rounds using both factory and Magpul 17 round magazines with no issues what so ever. Accuracy diminished a little bit out of a shorter barrel but nothing significant. The groupings probably opened up to about 4 inches at 25 yards but that could just be me because I've never shot that great with a Glock for some reason.

    So just in favor of an informative review, I decided to run two more guns at 100 rounds each, shooting a Sig P226 and an M&P Shield and see if I could find a reason not to use this ammo. The P226 had one double feed, but that happens occasionally. The M&P Shield went off without a hitch.

    Final Thoughts on Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm Ammo

    Being a functional 9mm ammo for self defense, I give it two thumbs up. It is reliable, accurate, and will get the job done if your life depends on it. The reduced recoil from a 9mm +P is a game changer. It allows you to stay on target and place follow up shots, which is key in a high stress situation.

    Product description for the 9mm ammo we tested from Liberty Ammunitions website:

    Please feel free to comment any thoughts or information you have on this post, or if there's any additional points you would like to see us add to this article.

    "Update" After picking up a couple of new 30 rd magazines from CZ USA, there was no issue at all with the ammo feeding correctly. There was some differences in tolerances in the factory mags, compared to the ones ordered from CZ as the fit just a little bit more snug into the reciever.





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